Manage your team, your projects and your company with Timely Projects – from anywhere.

Projects Dashboard

The project overview keeps you completely up to date with the progress of your Project. A grid of projects on the dashboard allows you to easily select from all your projects.

Tasks & Milestones

Tasks, milestones, simple to-do lists…Timely Project supports them all. Assign tasks to team members, set a due date for a task, and schedule deadlines. Discuss with team about a task, attach files to discussions, and keep track of the progress.

Team Collaboration

Todo-lists, milestones and tasks help you simply breakdown complicated projects into easily achievable items. Get more enhanced control with subtasks and project based discussions.

Team Members

Quickly add team members and your clients to the project so they can see what’s happening on a project without having to call or email you.

Full Calendar View

Timely Projects makes it possible for you to take a quick view of all your projects and to picture your over-all schedule. This is a fantastic advantage for organizations that need to prepare ahead for several projects.

Discussions in Projects

All discussions in Timely Projects are connected. Communication is central to the success of any Project. Add messages, comments and attach files to keep discussions in one place.

File Sharing

The file sharing feature allows you to upload and save all project files and documents so you have easy access to them whenever you and your team require them.

Project Calendar

Project wise calendar shows the breakdown of that particular project, including upcoming Milestones and Todo’s in that project.

Who is Online

Timely Projects allows you see which user is online, so if you want, you can assign tasks to the users who are online. This will help the tasks getting done quickly.

All Recent Activity

The project activities provides a rapid review of your projects. Timely Projects shows all you need to know at a glimpse, always keeping you up to date with latest activity within each project.

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