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When you add a To-do’s to the calendar on Timely Project only the peoples include in project can see this like Team members and project owners.

No, you cannot download multiple files at once, but you can download files individually by given download option.

Yes. You can select multiple files and upload them in one go

Yes. If you are a project owner so you can easily change the upcoming milestones date.

Milestones are specific points in time that mark when a significant part of a project is reached.

Task lists are simply a collection of individual to-do’s. Task lists cannot be assigned to people but the individual to-do’s in a list can be assigned to multiple people.

Only Project owner can create a to-do’s specific to project.

Yes, you can attach files to a discussion

Yes. When a project owner creates a new discussion, he / she can choose to notify one or more members of the current project.

We will never sell any of your information to anyone. We collect information for our own internal use. We will never give your contact details to anyone. See our privacy policy for more information.

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